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There are inventions and there are INVENTIONS.

Most scientific discoveries are just labor-saving methods and rarely impact most people’s daily lives. However, some inventions change everything. They are changing who we are as a species, how the economy works, and how we relate to each other.

Some of them include printing press, steam engine, internal combustion engine, gunpowder weapons, and airplane. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re using the latest of these great inventions: the Internet.

Your interest in e-commerce content writing is well justified. These days you underestimate your business if you refuse to integrate the web. Online retail has exploded in popularity and the relevance of retail marketing is at an all time high.

“baited” web traffic

There are billions, if not billions, of active cell phones in the world at any given time.

And you can call any of them just by dialing their number. But what if you don’t have someone’s number and just want to get in touch with them?

Well, you would be out of luck. There is no search engine for cell phone numbers.

The situation is similar with computers. The Internet is a digital ocean made up of trillions of interconnected computers. And just like phone numbers, every computer has an IP address.

But how do people know that your exact IP address is where they can find your online store? Well, they type in search criteria, into a search engine. People can only find your page using a search engine, the most popular being Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Google is not alive. Ultimately, it’s done using complicated math, which uses references, numerical triangulation, and popular keywords to index the results. However, no matter what your online retail business sells, you will have competition.

To make matters worse, most people never look beyond the first three or four results on the search page. If your retail site is not in these top three or four, your traffic will increase tenfold.

E-commerce copywriters should have at least a mediocre knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization), to properly incorporate keywords, paragraph spacing, and formatting headers.

Investing in proper online retail marketing is one of the most effective and essential actions you can take.

Market niche doesn’t matter

It is very common for business owners to assume that this new SEO service and eCommerce copywriting is not for them. “This nerd thing is for electronics and IT services, but I sell tires and flower pots.”

This mentality can cripple your business. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Most of your customers will be looking for you online, especially in first world countries. If your retail site is buried in 15th place in the search rankings, all your efforts will be wasted.

This small omission can literally kill your business, even if what you are selling is high quality.

Writing quality increases sales

Like a retail business, no one expects you to write works of art. Also, the format of what needs to be written has already been established. People expect a certain format, and it’s best to stick to it.

Most sites include:

1. Product Description: Provide an overview in two or three sentences. For instance:

White long sleeve shirt in variable sizes and colors.

2. Dedicate a line for fit, material, finish, and other distinguishing features such as neckline, waistline, etc. Also be sure to specify washing instructions with details such as temperature, drying, etc.

Of course, most retailers have an active return policy. And, in the majority of cases, products are returned because they do not match the description on the site. This discrepancy undermines trust in you and your business, even if the conflicting details are relatively minor.

The reverse is also true. If the information proves to be reliable time and time again, solid trust will be established. You will truly see an increase in sales if you can proofread the descriptions correctly.

Where to find strong e-commerce copywriters?

In the age of laptops, your writers don’t have to live in the same city as you. Many talented writers are based in the Asian subcontinent or Eastern Europe. As long as their English is good, you can benefit from the lower rates they charge.

Additionally, full-time writers (both native and non-native) are available online. Research paper writers sometimes get side jobs in e-commerce, and you can benefit from their experience.

Online platforms such as Upwork.com are another source of quality staff. You can even scan EssayBox for potential sources of self-employment.

Factors such as price and location should always come after quality. When pinching pennies hurts quality, then you’ve gone too far.

The third and most legitimate source is a company dedicated to online retail e-commerce consulting. This is by far the most practical approach. Everything will run on autopilot and you can rest easy knowing that the service is of high quality.

Just be prepared to pay for company time.

Consistency and brand image

No matter what country you currently live in, you probably have a large online retailer with a model similar to US giant Amazon.

In that case, you can probably close your eyes and remember their page structure, font, and color scheme. Even the colors and layout of social media sites such as Facebook can be recognized at a glance.

This “look” is no accident, it’s an intentional branding effort. Their developers and designers study color theory and how different wavelengths make people feel.

To a lesser extent, writing content for e-commerce will use the same techniques. On all of your sites and platforms, you need to choose one look and stick to it. People will form a mental picture of what your business is and what it looks like. It is best not to alter this image.


When blogging, it will be tempting to post overly positive reviews, so people buy what you have in stock. It may boost sales, but it will hurt you in the long run.

Expert writers will be honest and know how to “handle” tricky situations. Just like journalists, it doesn’t matter what the information is, but how you “spin” it.

If you tell the truth on your blogs, customers will come to them when they have doubts or questions. Becoming an authority in your field is invaluable status that should never be wasted.

If someone wants the best battery, tent or smartphone, they should be able to rely on you.


Many people miss the good old days when it was enough to have a good product. It nearly sold out through word of mouth and quality delivery.

These days, you need a bachelor’s degree just to sell shoes and toothpicks. It’s all online, so you need to understand marketing, digitization, SEO, and e-commerce.

Still, those concerned that the skill floor has gone up should also be consoled that the cap is also much higher. Everything is global, or at least national. Your business can grow at a speed that was not possible in the past.


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