Top 10 Tools to Maximize B2B Sales


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Anyone who’s been in the business-to-business (B2B) space for a while knows that, depending on the product or service you’re selling, sales cycles can range from days to years. Anything that marketers and salespeople can do to speed up decision-making without putting too much pressure on prospects can help increase sales volume.

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But most sales pipelines are hardly optimized. In fact, a recent study by LeanData found that nearly 80% of B2B sales reps aren’t happy with how their company routes leads, and more than 57% believe their existing workflow systems are discouraging leads.

Don’t fall into these traps. Here are 10 next-gen tools to help your team build strong relationships with prospects faster so you can maximize your B2B sales.

1. Cultivation robots

Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Growbots is an all-in-one outbound sales automation platform. This tool mines databases for relevant leads by analyzing user pipeline data. As Growbots engages with prospects, the tool gains insight into what people respond to best, learning by doing.

Since your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data integrates with Growbots, all you need to do is create your customer profile and plan your email drip campaign. The difference between this tool and other tools on the market is that Growbots offers an AI framework for generating demand and running meetings, which is why it does more than just optimize workflows so people run by themselves.


Who are the key stakeholders in your potential client’s office? When do they review those documents you sent? lets you see what’s happening with documents after you email them.

This tool provides data on prospects who open your attachments as well as what pages they read and who they forward them to. This information allows you to use your time more effectively because you can then focus your efforts on prospects who are engaging with you and know when to push those who aren’t.

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3. Lead loader

Are your lead magnets failing to convert audience members into interested parties? In the age of self-service product discovery, you are not alone. Leadfeeder lets you see who visits your website even if they don’t fill out any forms.

The platform connects to your Google Analytics account and uses a visitor’s IP addresses to identify the business they are with. Even better, the information is enriched with data from LinkedIn. This way, you can determine if you have existing relationships at the company you want to contact and qualify leads for relevance. For social sellers or account-based sales professionals, this data is rocket fuel for awareness.


JustCall is a cloud-based phone system specially designed for sales teams. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and from any device, making it easy to connect with prospects and customers wherever you are.

In seconds, you can set up personalized phone numbers in 58 countries so you can start making and receiving calls. It integrates with your CRM and help desk tools so you can make or receive calls directly from the pipeline management dashboard of your choice. JustCall generates logs of all calls, conversion tracking, call recordings, voicemail recordings and even text messaging functionality.

5. Unomy

Who are the best people to contact? Unomy is a powerful B2B prospecting tool for finding targeted business contacts to build your mailing lists.

You can search and filter by various parameters such as industry, location, funding, and revenue, and you can explore individual roles and contacts within organizations, even revealing personal social media profiles. You can also use it to add more data to your prospect lists and CRM data, allowing you to build better relationships more efficiently, improve retention, and improve customer loyalty.

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6. helps you find email addresses for any business in seconds. Simply search for a domain and get a list of emails associated with that domain.

Search results screens also reveal source information, so you can verify that you’re seeing accurate email addresses. You can also use it to ping mail servers and check deliverability.

7. Soup Dux

Want someone to know that you regularly monitor them via LinkedIn? Dux Soup automates profile visits for LinkedIn-based lead generation purposes. Unleash it on profile search results or entire LinkedIn groups.

You can even export spreadsheets with the dates of all profile visits, messages, and manual notes you take on leads.

8. MailLift

Technology is great and all, but what about the power of handwritten notes? MailLift makes this tactic scalable for sales professionals. Each letter is actually individually written, white-labeled, and sent from your location using fulfillment centers across the United States.

The service integrates with over 100 business apps to make the process easier for you. You can automate sending thank you letters to customers after they place an order or sign a contract.

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9. is an appointment booking tool that saves you time by avoiding you to go back and forth by e-mail. The tool integrates with all major calendars, so there’s no need to work with multiple calendar platforms to keep track of your schedule.

Simply provide your leads with your URL and they can book their own sales meetings. And, because everyone chooses their time slots with instant calendar synchronization, there’s no chance of double booking. Each person on your team can set their own availability and allow contacts to choose from predefined time slots.

10. Propose

Proposify makes it easy to send proposals to customers and manage their responses. The platform will take care of the creation of the proposals and the whole process until the conclusion of the transaction. See when clients open proposals, what they find most interesting, and when they approve.

Because it is a cloud-based service, your clients can view proposals anytime and anywhere. Digital signatures speed up the signing of proposals in concluded agreements.

Any combination of these tools can combine effectively with your sales and support teams and make it easier to find, build and maintain customer relationships and close more deals.


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