Top 10 Small Business Marketing Mistakes – Being a “Good Online Citizen” and Search Engine Optimization


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Your website’s ranking depends on your business being a “good online citizen” in the eyes of search engines. We explore how to achieve this and SEO.

SEO can be one of the most profitable marketing avenues, but it takes patience. Being a “good online citizen” is an important part of your long-term strategy and something you control! »

— David Phillips – Founder/CEO of SayWhat Consulting

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 21, 2022 / — SayWhat ConsultingLLC recently released Part 5 of the 10-part blog series titled “Top 10 Small Business Marketing Mistakes.” Part 5 continues with the discussion of the complexities of digital marketing. This section examines the importance of being a “good online citizen” through the eyes of search engines and covers the details of how to be successful with search engine optimization. Google and other search engines determine the ranking of websites on many factors with the aim of providing their users with the best overall user experience that is most relevant to their search term. This blog provides examples and details the importance of being a “good online citizen” through the eyes of search engines in order to rank higher online.

You will find 10 examples of how to become a better online citizen to improve your online ranking and increase your conversions. Also covered in detail are the five most important factors with reference to search engine optimization and exactly what can be done immediately to boost your rankings. Small business owners often forget that search engine optimization is a long-term strategy, but can easily become your highest earning source with the right strategy. This is a must read for any business wishing to increase their online ranking and conversion.

Part 1 of the 10-part blog series discussed the importance of tracking all of your marketing while truly understanding what marketing efforts are producing results so that you are spending your marketing dollars wisely. Part 2 of the series covered in detail the importance for small businesses to understand not only how to generate leads, but also the best practices for nurturing and converting them. Part 3 focused on creating a strategic marketing budget, with the understanding that a well-thought-out marketing budget gives your business direction, purpose, and a strategic advantage over your competitors. Part 4 discussed the details of how to choose a digital marketing company as well as the importance of unique content and its role in a company’s long-term SEO and social media strategy.

User experience is often overlooked by many business owners when determining their online marketing strategy, yet is one of the few things they have complete control over. “Search engines rank websites based on many factors, but they’ve made it clear that user experience is one of the most important factors,” says David Phillips, CEO and Founder of SayWhat Consulting “which means clearly that the overall user experience is central to your online success. This includes content, website design, compatibility with the device they are using, ease of finding the information the user wants, etc. A simple example is to assess how easy it is for visitors to your website to contact your office by phone and email, across all platforms.

As a business owner, it’s important that you have realistic expectations about your online marketing, the timeframe it takes to achieve your goals, and what you consider success. Search engine optimization requires constant attention, which is why most companies hire digital marketing companies to help them with all day-to-day activities (before hiring a company, read our blog to find out how to choose the right one). good), but it’s unreasonable to rely solely on them for your online success. It is important that you are actively involved in providing the necessary content, ensure that your website is user-friendly and that you are prepared to follow their advice.

SayWhat Consulting helps business owners find the right digital marketing company, which includes researching a list of possible companies, vetting them, servicing them and negotiating contract terms on your behalf as well as managing them for you. This is all part of the business owner consultation program. They also offer a free and unbiased online marketing audit (for any business) if you currently have a website and are unsure of how it is performing while evaluating all of your other online marketing efforts. It’s easy to sign up for

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