Lehman College Launches Business School, Accounting Department


“The new school, whose niche will include entrepreneurship, small business development and experiential learning, builds on Lehman’s already strong reputation within the business community and will serve as a major pipeline to prepare diverse talents from underrepresented populations at local, regional, national and international workforce needs,” said Peter Nwosu, Provost of Lehman College and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success, in a statement, “Establishing a business school signals to students, prospective students and employers that we are committed to producing qualified graduates who have real-world experience, a global perspective and a capacity for creative problem-solving. problems in an industry that continues to evolve.” The new business school will represent the only business school of any public college in the Bronx or W County. estchester. The CUNY Board of Directors approved the move at a public meeting last December.

Lehman’s Department of Economics and Business currently has a total of 1,802 reported majors, graduates, and undergraduates, among a student body of more than 14,000 students, by fall 2020 enrollment.

The new business school will be launched with three new departments: Accounting; business management and innovation; and economics, finance and information systems. In addition, five different degrees will be offered: Bachelor of Arts in Commerce, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science in Commerce and Master of Science in Accounting.

Seven concentrations will be available in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Law, International Business, and Business Economics. Twenty-three full-time faculty will transfer from the School of Natural and Social Sciences to teach at the new school.

“Establishing a business school at Lehman College fulfills an important goal of our strategic plan and brings many benefits to the college, as well as broad leadership in municipal, state, federal and international initiatives,” said the president. of Lehman College, Fernando Delgado, in a statement. “The Bronx and our students are the biggest beneficiaries of this endeavor since many of our students are from here and many of them stay in the city after graduation.”

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  • Lehman College Launches Business School, Accounting Department
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