IIM SKILLS launches a business accounting and taxation course


On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the world renowned institute, IIM SKILLS, world leader in professional training announced the launch of the Business Accounting & Taxation course for mothers on sabbatical with free registration for the first 10 candidates eager to relaunch their career.

It is the company’s tribute to all the great mothers who have given importance to their families throughout their careers.

The prestigious online learning institution has decided to help mothers to improve their skills in the field of business accounting and taxation. IIM SKILLS is a group of faculties including content writing courses, digital marketing courses, technical writing training and contest training by making education easily accessible to every student. Mothers willing to take advantage of this great opportunity offered by IIM skills can register for this course on the official Catalyst website. The BAT course stands for Business Accounting and Tax Course. The aim of the course is to prepare business and non-business graduates for well-paying jobs with tangible employment prospects.

by offering an in-depth understanding of accounting, taxation, financing, auditing and analysis.

Commenting on the launch, Vaibhav Kakkar, CEO of IIM SKILLS, said: “Business accounting and tax is a potential and viable career choice for people who are looking for lucrative career opportunities in the accounting and tax sector. Taxation. Graduates, finance professionals, and women looking to jump-start their careers can take accounting and business tax courses to stand out in this high-income industry. To all mothers, come and unite to strengthen your career in accounting and business taxation. Be part of an expert has designed a business accounting and tax course to pick up from the beginning and move to advanced levels.”


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