Go faster! urges the commercial, manufacturing and agricultural sector of the province of Almeria


CLEAR MESSAGE: Objetivo Almeria AVE supporters armed with pickaxes and shovels Photo credit: Juan Sanchez courtesy of ObjetivoAlmeriaAVE-CorredorMed

ALMERIA’s commercial, manufacturing and agricultural sectors are increasingly insisting that the future of the province depends on high-speed rail.

It was essential that the AVE arrive in 2026 as promised by the central government, insisted the president of the Chamber of Commerce Jeronomo Parra.

“The pressure must continue,” Parra said. “We must continue to take the first step and make ourselves heard,” Parra said during a meeting of the Objetivo Almeria AVE platform at the Hotel del Este on March 10.

“Our goal is to ensure that our demands reach the offices where political and technical decisions are made, that they reach where there is a will to move this project forward,” he insisted.

About 200 people attended the meeting which was preceded by a well-attended rally of Objetivo Almeria AVE supporters who gathered near the Pulpi-Vera section of the Almeria-Murcia road.

The progress of the track operator Adif on this section, which should have been completed by November 2021, is lagging behind, maintained the platform.

Attendees wore helmets and high-vis jackets, brandishing shovels and pickaxes to drive home their message that Adif needed to work faster.

Echoing Parra, Francisco Garcia Calvo, Juan Pedro Garcia and Fernando Rivas – engineers from the Objetivo Almeria AVE technical committee – agreed that it was possible to meet the deadline.

But for this to happen, they pointed out, the companies awarded the contracts to build the three sections of the Almeria AVE route had to work faster.

“It’s a chain with different links,” said Garcia Calvo. “Any setback, like Greek turtles or an archaeological site, could delay things.”


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