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Centsoft, a leading provider of accounts payable automation, has released a guide to easy-to-use accounting software for accounts payable.

Centsoft, a leading provider of Accounts Payable automation, has released a guide to easy-to-use accounting software for Accounts Payable.

The guide, “Easy to Use Small Business Accounting Software – 5 Ways to Simplify Accounts Payable” provides advice on how to reduce the drudgery of Accounts Payable activities. Entering invoice data manually, using emails and spreadsheets to obtain approvals, and searching for invoices in numerous folders consumes time and resources. Automation eliminates much of the manual work that small business financial administrators face when managing accounts payable.


Small businesses that receive supplier invoices are looking for ways to optimize their accounts payable to augment their current accounting or ERP system.

Currently, many companies have to manually enter supplier invoice data into their accounting system, a tedious task at best. The guide outlines ways to automate this process so financial administrators can focus on higher-value work.

Vendor invoices must be approved by the person in the organization who made the purchase. The guide shows how automation works with workflows that send invoices to approvers on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

The guide also talks about the role of AI when coding invoices in the system. AI learns how an organization codes supplier invoices and then makes suggestions accordingly.

Invoices arrive by post or email and are scanned by Centsoft. The data contained in each invoice is populated in an intuitive central dashboard. Financial administrators can verify data is accurate, make adjustments, apply coding, and send the invoice for approval.

“Business owners want easy-to-use software,” said Steven Stachyra, Sales Director for Centsoft, “and Centsoft meets that demand with an intuitive, clean interface and features that save small businesses time” .

The guide also talks about finding invoices and billing data. Centsoft has a searchable invoice archive that allows financial administrators to search any data on any vendor invoice. The cloud-based archive stores all invoices entered into the accounting system that have been paid.

Small business owners are concerned about integration. They want to know that any purchased software must work seamlessly with their accounting system. Centsoft integrates with Quickbooks, NetSuite, Dynamics 365 BC, SAP B1 and more. Registers are imported into Centsoft so that coding can be handled as usual. When invoices are approved, they are automatically transferred to the accounting system.

To learn more about Centsoft and get the guide, visit: https://centsoftautomation.com/case/2022-guide-easy-to-use-small-business-accounting-software/

About Centsoft

Centsoft offers a robust cloud-based AP automation platform to streamline every step of the accounts payable process. Centsoft’s AI proactively learns and suggests vendor information and coding suggestions. Centsoft is a leading provider of SaaS solutions that automates inbound invoice management for over 1,600 businesses. Centsoft easily integrates with popular ERPs and accounting systems.


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